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The Gunnison River has all the ingredients of a classic family Float trip for all ages.  It is a beautiful float  with the white watwer park delivering a few exciting whitewater waves.

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The Gunnison river offers a great scenic float with a couple  exciting splashes through the whitewater park.  The perfect trip for the young ones.  If you want to test your skills in a personal craft you can try a duckie or inflatable kayak or take a multi-day kayak lesson and learn the basics of becoming a whitewater kayaker like the eskimo roll and the eddy turn.  We also offer Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board trips on our local rivers

The Taylor River is the classic go to for whitewater with plentiful class 2 & 3 whitewater. A 2-3 hour trip gets you the most whitewater while a full day trip includes a gourmet lunch on the river's bank and you can see most of the Taylor River. 8-10 year old age minimum for class 3 trips.  

Pricing for rafting depends on the specific trip you'd like to take (Paddle, Oar, Taylor River, Gunnison River, Duckie or Kayak). Half day and full day prices are available. Please call us to discuss pricing options and trip details - 970.349.5430. 

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  • Gunnison County has class I, II, III, and IV rapids great for family rafting expeditions.
  • Try an inflatable kayak or take a hardshell kayak lesson to start your whitewater kayaking career. 
  • Call +1 (970) 349-5430 or email info@irwinguides.com to book
  • We work with Scenic River Tours for trips on the Taylor River.  
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